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Long Time No See (but what time?)

August 1, 2010

Life is a Schedule

This is something I chucked together for the QCS prac, 2010

Space and Time



I saw a satellite photo once of earth captioned in a photo taken by the voyager satellite as it passed Saturn to leave our Solar System. It showed a pale blue speck amongst hundreds of other pale specks all stuck in an endless battle of forces and gravity in space. Everything that has ever taken place, ever been conceived even for a second has happened on this pale blue dot. Every war fought, every person mourned, every seemingly great feat of human innovation, all happened on that pale blue dot.

The universe is huge. The Earth is small. Its’ matters even smaller so. Lives own seemingly massive quarrels and problems are in the end meaningless in a constantly expanding universe. Even Mohandas Gandhi once said;

“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

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Global What Now?

June 11, 2010

in response to someone on a forum of my attendance:

Notice that rather steep and large spike on the far right hand side. Yeah, I’d say that is a considerable fluctuation compared to the last two thousand years. In fact, to get some an extreme fluctuation you have to go back to the most recent ice age. The image contains a link back to the wiki page, which has links to each of the studies the temperature reconstructions were derived from.

hockey stick graph

Erm? Yes or no? The temperatures are nothing compared to what they have been. We as humans are not affecting the climate as much as you think. What is your point? That climate is changing? So what, of course it’s going to. Its the Earth for crying out loud. I’m not saying that we should leave it all alone and not do anything. I’m just saying that the world has it wrong, IPCC is a scare tactic mongrel. We can’t barely predict 1 week of weather into the future, how on earth are we going to be able to predict years? 50 years? 100 years? Now they are saying we are going to have an ice-age by 2050 … what the hell? Wasn’t the earth warming? … Click to Continue Reading …

Humans Inability to be Comfortable

June 6, 2010

As I sit here typing away on my economics assignment, I noticed my dog across from me on the other side of the room sleeping in a bean bag.  He was sleeping in the most unusual position that I have ever seen, with his legs entangled in the sleeping bag and in the air and his head, slouched over the side like the arm of a trucker out of his cab on an excessively long trip.  As I sat there squirming over how he must be feeling, a thought occurred to me; it is impossible, or nigh impossible, for humans to every be comfortable. Continue Reading

What is a Hornet?

June 5, 2010

Yesterday I experienced a weird sensation, and no I am not referring subtly to any sort of sexual innuendo, rather I was confronted with an inquisitively confusing emotion that left me dumbstruck as to what the hell I should do.  There I am having one particularly relaxed Friday, considering my current subject selection which included an afternoon of Math and Physiscs, when I overheard one young women remark to her friend … Continue Reading